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Post your jobs to more than 1,000 job boards, 2,500 schools/universities and major social network sites in one click.

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Multiposting is the world leading job posting solution.

Our solution can be used as a standalone product or integrated with your applicant tracking system.


Choose sources

  • Over 1,000 general and niche job boards
  • 2,500 school job boards and alumni networks
  • Social networks

Post your job

  • Create your job in a couple of clicks
  • Post your job to an unlimited number of sites in one click
  • Edit and delete jobs in real time

Monitor your budget

  • Get real-time data on candidate applications
  • Easily track your credit consumption on each site
  • Analyse performance data and identify areas for improvement

You are interested by Multiposting and you post less that 200 jobs per year?
Our WorkConnect solution is made for you!

Multiposting new and unique features

Job board contract (credit and slot) management

Manage the details of your job board inventories from A –Z with the centralization of all your job board contract information on one interface including credits and slots

  • Easily update the amount of credits and slots that you have available on each job board
  • Effortlessly control the allocation of job board credits and slots for each user/user group
  • View at a glance the number of credits and slots remaining on each job board during the posting process
  • Instantly free-up job slots at any time, including during the posting process

Job board market place

Reach out to a pool of talented candidates from across the world with a choice of +4,000 integrated sources worldwide in +80 countries that are instantly available in our job board market place to add to your interface.

  • Access an ever-increasing global catalogue of niche, general job boards and social networks
  • Easily control which users/groups are assigned to a job board
  • Manage contract details with ease including contract start/end date, number of credits etc.

Multilingual job posting

International companies can easily connect with candidates across the world in any language with the ability to post the same job in as many languages as desired.

  • Improve your chances of finding the perfect candidate by posting the same job in one click in any and all languages supported by a source
  • Edit and review with ease any version of a job during the posting process
  • Simplify the posting process for multilingual countries

Job board/school and user management

Manage all your various posting elements on one interface for example source selection, job board configurations, users etc.

  • Add, delete and edit users/groups in one click
  • Configure and delete job boards with no hassle
  • Instantly view, delete and associate users to a job board or school
  • Effortlessly control the use of each job board for all users through three access options: available, preselected or mandatory on the user interface


Gain complete control of your recruitment process with real time cost calculations and extended visibility on your sourcing process including advanced analytics, candidate tracking etc.

  • Make informed financial decisions when selecting job boards during the posting process thanks to real time cost calculation
  • Improve the ROI of your sourcing and recruitment strategy with detailed cost analysis that gives you visibility on the cost per CV/ per click for each job board and the performance of your jobs in comparison to other recruiters
  • Track applicants directly from your ATS (100+ connected vendors, all tracking technologies supported)
  • Access an overview of your job performance data and the status of your jobs (e.g. active/expired jobs, volume of jobs posted over a specific period)
  • Evaluate whether you can make any improvements to your jobs according to the job performance data (number of received applications, visibility of your jobs etc.)

Post to schools, universities and alumni intranets

Reach a source of untapped talent with posting to +2,500 schools, universities and alumni networks in +30 countries worldwide

  • Take advantage of our premium services offered in conjunction with leading vendors in each market (JobTeaser, Symplicity, GraduateLand etc.) to ensure the instantaneous posting of your jobs
  • Instantly add any school to your interface thanks to the job board market place
  • Filter schools according to categories, specializations and location to create a personalized list of suitable schools